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Learn about Magical Journeys Beyond

Magical Journeys Beyond is an outstanding tour company with the highest standards for guest satisfaction. It is our primary goal to facilitate the comfort, reliability and enjoyment of your next adventure to South and Southeast Asia. It would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have on our services or the destinations that we serve.

Our spectacular destinations include India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Turkiye, Mongolia, Indonesia, and The Maldives. Other neighboring destinations are also available with our varied resources in numerous countries, especially as we branch out into Morocco and the Four Stans.

Please allow Magical Journeys Beyond to help you create your next adventure into South Asia,  Southeast Asia, and Central Asia where a vast array of experiences and memories awaits you.

Magical Journeys Beyond is a travel consultancy firm in the USA enabling our guests to discover so much of the magic, mystery and wonder that lies ahead in your travel plans. We work closely with our global travel partner, Eternal Journeys, the primary provider of our travel adventures, which is located in New Delhi, India. Please browse our site here for ideas and insights for your next trip to South and Southeast Asia but note that every tour is customized and we will help you build your own tour to suit your wishes. Information on our global provider in Asia can be seen at our partner site, Both organizations work in concert, Magical Journeys Beyond in America, communicating with guests during the entire planning process, and Eternal Journeys in India, securing all of the specific services and facilitating all of the local details while our guests are traveling with us in South and Southeast Asia.

Meet your host to the magical and inspiring experience of travel to Asia
Steve in Bundi 2022 - Copy.JPG

Steve Mannshardt
Guest Services Manager
Magical Journeys Beyond

As Guest Services Manager for Magical Journeys Beyond, I am in charge of the USA office of our global relationship with Eternal Journeys and many other tour providers throughout Asia. I take great pride in sharing with all of our guests the spectacular sights of both South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia as well as the warmth and generosity of its people. I travel to Asia often and spend most of my time exploring the amazing features that I think would appeal to our guests. Whether it is the well-known sights of the urban centers, the picturesque back roads of the vast countryside or the hidden treasures of the remote corners, I delve into each new adventure both with an eye for the details of the rich culture of Asia and a sense of curiosity for discovering new facets of life.

For those guests seeking a customized travel opportunity, I work intensely with the Eternal Journeys team located in India and our other global travel partners in each country. This allows us to ensure that each and every vacation adventure is a unique experience that is well suited to each traveler’s wishes and preferences.

Having traveled to 69 countries on six continents, I thoroughly enjoy discovering the fascinating and intriguing aspects of every culture that I have visited across the globe. In fact, I first came to our enterprise as a guest to India on one of our tours and I was so impressed by the level of care and service provided by the staff that I eagerly accepted the offer to become part of the worldwide team of independent global representatives working with Eternal Journeys, headquartered in New Delhi.

I am at your service to discuss your ideas for travel as well as offer suggestions that will enhance your next adventure into Asia’s broad range of spectacular sights and rich culture. Please contact me concerning any trips departing from the USA and avail yourself of my experience in India, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia to begin customizing your next adventure.

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