A magnificent land of stately history, heralding opulent palaces of exquisite beauty, and home to amazing swaths of wildlife in its jungles

A modern day royal Kingdom, tucked deep within lush green valleys, and boasting the highest "Gross National Happiness" on Earth

With INDIA as our top specialty, we have over 45 itineraries for you to choose from including the royal palaces and forts of Rajasthan, the lush green jungles of Kerala, the countless sacred temples of Odisha, the high elevation mountain ranges of Sikkim, the wide open plains of the national parks in Madhya Pradesh, the evergreen forests of the hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, the vast open plateaus of Ladakh, the fertile plains of Punjab, the wide deserts of Gujarat or the hustle and bustle of the major cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.
Nestled within the verdant forested valleys of the Himalayan foothills, BHUTAN offers numerous tour plans to suit the interests and pacing of any guest. The "busy" capital of Thimpu is quite calm and the surrounding countryside gets more peaceful and serene the further you go east. With one major highway spanning the Kingdom, itineraries can be set up for any length with an "out and back" type plan. Visit the stately dzongs located in each major city with their ornate carvings of hand painted wood and then sit with the monks during prayers.



A tropical island paradise amid the turquoise Indian Ocean, lined with white sandy beaches, and the source of the world's finest spices.

An ancient and mountainous land of dazzling scenery, home to countless historic temples, and known as the gateway to the Himalayas

The small island nation of SRI LANKA resides off the southeast coast of India and enjoys beautiful weather for most of the year with wide sandy beaches and a central mountain range that is peppered with tea and spice plantations. Guests can visit the numerous UNESCO sites including Dambulla, Sigirya and Polonnaruwa, explore the national parks rich with flora and fauna or circle the island enjoying the seaside culture of the residents.
Located on the Top of the World, NEPAL has the best of everything for its visitors. Countless temples line the streets and Durbar Squares of each major city, displaying a centuries-old feel at every turn. The trekking in the Himalayas is the best in the world, even if you don't go all the way to Mount Everest. The national parks in the jungles of the lowlands are an animal lover's paradise. Having recovered well from the 2015 earthquakes, Nepal is open for travel.


An empire of majestic landscapes, nestled high within the towering Himalayas, and revealing quietly serene monasteries of timeless beauty

Hidden away on the high plateaus beyond the tallest mountains in the world, TIBET is located high up near the heavens in so many ways. With the capital of Lhasa as a base, tours travel to nearby monasteries to explore their ancient history and mingle with the resident monks as well as venture out into the more remote regions to explore the natural treasures that lie deep in the mountains and high plains. Given the extreme elevation, slow and steady is a good pace.


A cryptic empire brimming with rich tradition, spanning the far reaches of a continent, and reigning as the hub of the ancient trade world

As one of the most significant influences of the ancient world, CHINA is not lacking for timeless historic sites and treasures. There is no doubt that the Great Wall is on eveyone's list as one of the many wonders to be seen in this enormous land of many resources. The frenetic hubbub of Shanghai is well balanced by the serenity of the small and remote villages located off the beaten paths. Royal treasures such as the Terra Cotta Warriors are just one of the many must-see destinations within the borders here.


An ancient Kingdom shrouded in mystery, revealing the timeless wisdom of Buddhism, and abundant with graceful temple sites

As one of the newest destinations in the travel industry, MYANMAR is a spectacular location from which to marvel at the countless sights that have been hidden away for decades and centuries. Enjoy the ancient stupas at Bagan, the bustling activities at Inle Lake's floating markets, the calm feeling of ballooning over the serene plains, the beautiful temples of the capital of Yangon, the opportunity to speak with the Buddhist monks in the monasteries or an unforgettable cruise up and down the waters of the powerful Irrrawady River.


An obscure civilization rising from the dense shadows, rich with cultural resources, and cautiously entering the modern world beyond

As one of the less familiar countries in Southeast Asia, LAOS is often overlooked. However, Laos is truly a gem of a destination with its laid-back city life and serene rural settings. With a varied terrain that alternates between jungles and open plains, the vibe in Laos is certainly a relaxed pace for both residents and visitors alike. Sacred temples lie nestled within lush forests and limestone karsts tower above meandering rivers. The capital of Vientianne, the spiritual Luang Prabang and the mellow Vang Veng all give Laos a varied charm.


A mysterious tropical culture, rising up like the enigmatic figures from its dense jungle, and teeming with serene beauty and grace 

As one of the most mysterious and enthralling destinations on Earth, CAMBODIA is a treasure trove of temples expressing exquisite beauty. The very fascinating temples sites at the Angkor Wat complex are incomparable. Boasting so many UNESCO sites for such a small country, Cambodia is certainly a must-see location for anyone seeking the serene and graceful elegance of the world's most beautiful temples. Ta Prohm, to name just one, was notably kept from full restoration being "one of the most imposing [temples] and the one which had best merged with the jungle, but not yet to the point of becoming a part of it" according to experts.


A dynamic culture steeped in turbulent history, split in two for decades, and growing into the modern world within its past triumphs

Sometimes seen as two cultures in one, VIETNAM offers some of the most dynamic, yet also serene, scenery and cultural activities in Southeast Asia. Visiting both former capitals of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City offers guests views from two sides of a complex and vibrant society. Take an in-depth view of the countryside by embarking on a cross-country bicycle tour. Or perhaps venture out on a trekking adventure through the tranquil scenic treasury of the verdant meadows and rice paddies. And by all means, no one should miss the breath-taking dramatic juxtaposition of land and sea that is visible via a cruise on the unique Ha Long Bay.

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