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Mindful Travel

Exploring the Wonders of the World with a Sense of Responsibility

Help Magical Journeys Beyond make a difference while you travel

We all enjoy the thrill and intrigue of international travel, discovering the amazing cultures of the world and experiencing the amazing beauty of those who inhabit its far-off lands. But we also know that global travel takes its toll on civilizations, eco-systems, and the social fabric of every destination that we explore. Would it make a difference for us if we could make a difference for others? Our MINDFUL TRAVEL program allows our guests to do just that.

At Magical Journeys Beyond, we travel with a mindful spirit and therefore offer our like-minded guests an opportunity to help apply some balance towards the people of the world as we visit their homelands. This is not a place to buy carbon credits to offset the impact of your international flights or your tour bus's exhaust pipe emissions. Instead, it is a program where you can make a contribution, large or small, to a designated non-profit organization that helps a specific population or a specific environment manage the effects of the current circumstances in a charitable manner.

We have partnered with a few select organizations that we feel provide valuable and necessary work to help improve the situation of those in other countries who are currently in need.


Magical Journeys Beyond currently makes contributions to these organizations at no cost to our guests. We also offer our guests the opportunity to match our contribution or exceed it in whatever amount feels appropriate to you.


ForestPlanet is a large scale tree-planting non-profit organization that leverages the unique benefits of trees as a representation for positive social and environmental impact. ForestPlanet is dedicated to supporting tree planting efforts on a global scale, thereby expanding this beneficial impact and giving consumers and businesses an easily communicated and low-cost way to make their eco-voices heard and dollars count.

ForestPlanet offers an avenue of providing global tree planting programs in challenged regions, such as de-forested tropical areas and drought stricken zones.

Magical Journeys Beyond pledges to plant twenty trees per guest for each and every tour booked with our company plus 5000-6000 additional trees each year.

A recent planting project in Madagascar transforms a barren plain into a lush and green mangrove forest.

Photo: Eden Reforestation Projects

Photo: Eden Reforestation Projects

WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal

WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal provides financial assistance and educational opportunities to communities and schools in both underprivileged urban areas and remote rural regions of Nepal through collaborative partnerships with local and international educators, governments and industries.

WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal administers various programs in Nepal to improve educational opportunities and increase the resources needed to achieve those opportunities. WWEP currently provides the following:

* Education sponsorships to children aged 5 to 18, which includes annual tuition, books and classroom supplies, uniforms and,

in some cases, full room and board at a live-in school dormitory.


* Classroom Supplies for underprivileged children in rural communities attending government funded schools

* Adult education programs, such as English language classes and trekking guide training courses for those wishing to improve their employment prospects

* School facility construction and repair for classrooms damaged in the 2015 earthquakes or otherwise showing signs of extreme wear over time

* Libraries for Schools to provide under-funded schools with new books to start a new library or augment their existing one

Magical Journeys Beyond contributes funding for a year's worth of classroom supplies for four to six students annually.

Guests may opt to support a student in a rural school for one year for as little as $25 USD. Your contribution will be forwarded to WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal on an annual basis so that they may continue their goal of providing educational resources for the impoverished children of Nepal.

Photo: Basudev Adhikari, Sindhu Utthan Kendra Nepal

Photo: Nanda Kulu, Mitrata Nepal Home for Children

Vitamin Angels

We are proud to support Vitamin Angels, a global public health organization fighting to promote good health around the world. Vitamin Angels distributes life-changing vitamins to at-risk pregnant women and children under five; thus reducing preventable illness, blindness, and death. This year alone, they are reaching approximately 70 million children and moms in 70 countries, including all 50 states in the US! Both Charity Navigator and GuideStar give Vitamin Angels their highest marks for financial transparency.  Vitamin Angels is committed to helping create a world where every mother has a healthy pregnancy, and every child gets a chance at a healthy life!

Magical Journeys Beyond contributes funding to provide vitamins and minerals to mothers and children in the US and in 70 countries around the world through Vitamin Angels. This year, we helped provide nutritional support to 400 under-served pregnant women and children under five.

Guests may opt to support children and their mothers in this way at any dollar amount. Your contribution will be forwarded to Vitamin Angels on an annual basis so that they may continue their goal of providing health and nutrition to those in need.


Photos: © Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels - Sophia Billikopf - KE16
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