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MAGICAL JOURNEYS BEYOND is expanding into new countries

Due to our overwhelming success in South and Southeast Asia,

we will be expanding our reach into

new and exciting destinations in 2021 and beyond

Itineraries to these exciting destinations are currently being created by our team.

Contact us if you wish to travel to any of these locations and we can share with you

the exciting details that we have discovered as we explore all they have to offer.

Central Asia

Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

RUSSIA Moscow St Basils Cathedral iStock
KAZAKHSTAN Yurt in Almaty Mountains iSto
MONGOLIA Gobi dunes iStock-514385008.jpg
UZBEKISTAN Kalyan Mosque Bukhara iStock-

South and Southeast Asia

Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

INDONESIA Mount Batur at sunrise iStock-
THAILAND Chiang Mai White Temple iStock-
MALAYSIA ORANGUTAN iStock-513758126.jpg
SINGAPORE Temple of the Sacred Tooth iSt

Eastern Asia

Hong Kong/Macau, Japan,

South Korea, Taiwan

HONG KONG Tian Tan Buddha iStock-1529856
JAPAN Mt Fuji iStock-857028640.jpg
TAIWAN Sun Moon Lake
SOUTH KOREA Huwon Secret Garden iStock-4

Middle East Asia

Israel, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

UAE Dubai skyline iStock-913519636.jpg
QATAR Desert hawk iStock-890568838.jpg
TURKEY Istanbul Hagia Sophia iStock-4867
ISRAEL Masada Fort at sunrise Stock-4906
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